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"Thank you for your expertise. As a new author I appreciate your editing skills and reports on my work.”
CG, writer for children, Bristol

Writing for Children

So you’ve written a children’s story. Are you ready for some feedback? We have reviewers who specialise in writing for children and teens, so our critiques are written in complete knowledge of the children’s and young adult market. Our appraisals are also constructive and helpful, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and making suggestions for improvement.

Don’t forget, you can order up to four critiques of your work, from four different reviewers. Each comes with its own writing for children checklist.

Is it easier to write for children?
Writing for children and young adults is an art all of its own. Don’t let anyone tell you writing for kids is easier. Breaking into this very competitive market needs more hard work and more careful regard for publishers’ requirements than writing for adults, if that’s possible.

So what are publishers looking for? An outstanding story, well told. Style, vocabulary and content appropriate to the intended age group, which is then reflected in the story’s length. Originality. Strong characterisation. The use of stylistic elements that children love: whimsy, refrain, rhyme and rhythm. Above all, narrative drive – your story needs to catch up your intended reader and whiz them along.

What length should my children’s story be?
Different publishers have different requirements and, as with all writing, content is king. A picture book might have no words at all or, rarely, it might be as long as a thousand words. The following, then, is a rough guide to word counts for different age groups.

Age 7-9 3,000 words for young ones but up to 25,000 at the older end, depending on publisher

Age 9-11 up to 40,000 words

Age 11-14 up to 65,000 words

Age 14+, Young Adult 80,000 words or more

Up to 15,000 words:
1 critique £99; 2 critiques £149; 3 critiques £199; 4 critiques £249

Up to 40,000 words:
1 critique £129; 2 critiques £199; 3 critiques £289; 4 critiques £389

Up to 80,000 words
1 critique £159; 2 critiques £259; 3 critiques £379; 4 critiques £489