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Writing for children


Submit your work

Please email us to submit manuscripts for critique or editing, telling us:
1) Whether your work is a novel, novella, novel extract or short story
2) The precise word count
3) If you’d like critiques; how many
4) Or if you’d like editing; what kind
5) What kind of work it is; e.g. crime, romance, sci-fi, adventure, contemporary, memoir
6) If it’s for children, what age group it’s aimed at


We’ll request payment usually within 24 hours of receiving your submission.
Our preferred payment option is by bank transfer, or you can pay via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account (small admin fee applies over £150). If you’d rather post a UK cheque, that’s fine. Payment by instalment for larger amounts can be arranged.


5% discount on critiques
and 5% discount on editing
for all customers returning
within 6 months


Critiques and edits of work under 15,000 words are usually returned within 3 weeks. Critiques and edits of longer work usually take 4-6 weeks. We’ll advise you.

Or by post

If you’d rather submit your work by post, please contact us.

‘Fiction Feedback gave me invaluable and insightful structural analysis of my MS, and then copy-edited it to within an inch of its life! Wonderful, painstaking service, which I shall certainly use again.’
Simon Michael, traditionally published author of Corrupted and the Charles Holbrooke series.



Constructive critique for plays. The suggestions we make in our critiques can transform good writing into published or competition-winning writing.

We have a number of reviewers with a specific background in this area so we’re delighted we can offer our appraisal service for stage or radio plays. (Sorry, no film or TV scripts, but visit Hayley Mackenzie at Script Angel.)

Please submit up to 60 A4 pages, double-spaced, with 2.5cm margins and a type-size of 11 point or larger. (We don’t give a wordcount for plays because of their very different format from a novel.)

Up to 60 pages: 1 critique £69; 2 critiques £99

This is probably a little over half the length of a play with a running time of 3 hours. You’re welcome to include a synopsis of up to 1,000 words. The 60 pages must be contiguous, and we recommend they’re the first 60 pages – a publisher, director or radio producer will always be most influenced by the first few pages, so it’s sensible to include these.

If you would like us to supply critique(s) for your play in its entirety, different rates apply.

61 to 120 pages: 1 critique £95; 2 critiques £149

If your play is longer than this, please email us for a quote.

To submit, click below, or click on the submission form link on the left hand panel that appears throughout the site. The procedure outlined in How to Submit might be useful.