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Please use our submission form to submit manuscripts for critique or editing. Access the form here or from How to Submit.

Once you’ve completed the form, click on submit. You’re then asked to attach your work to another email. Easy!


We then request payment, usually within 24 hours.
You can choose to pay us directly by bank transfer, or via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account. If you’d rather post a cheque, that’s fine. The submission form gives you this option.


5% discount on critiques
and 5% discount on editing
for all customers returning
within 6 months


We aim to return critiques and edits of work under 15,000 words within 3 weeks.

Or by post

If you’d rather submit your work by post, please see postal submissions.

"Thanks very much. I am very impressed! Your reviewer has done a very thorough job, helping and not depressing me. I will take on board her/his advice.
Will be back for more!" ~ MT

Our service

We are a panel of editors who work in the worlds of publishing, education and professional writing. Several of our editors freelance for publishers in the UK and also the US. A number are literary agents. All are dedicated reviewers with a clear understanding of what makes good fiction and how to provide useful feedback. We read your work and appraise it objectively, drawing on our professional experience and expertise.

High professional standards are at the heart of our written critiques.

They’re also the foundations of our editing service which is rapidly earning a reputation as one of the best in the UK. Whenever we provide sample edits, customers return to us for their work with comments such as ‘technically far superior’ and ‘the best by a long way’.

The results of such high quality editing is work that stands out. Whether you’re looking to attract the attention of an agent or to self-publish, that’s essential.

Agents and publishers look for writers who take their work seriously. Readers look for books presented to the same standard as those they’re used to reading from traditional publishers.

What we offer
• objective opinion, based only on your writing and not on anything else about
• considered critiques, which you might want to quote in your submission to a
--publisher or agent;
• up to 4 critiques, each by a different editor, for greater feedback;
• a checklist rating, which should help you in assessing and developing your
• affordable prices;
• If we are really impressed with your work we might recommend it, with your
--permission, to a suitable publisher or agent.

What we don't offer
• we can’t guarantee your work will be published, no matter how much we think it --might deserve to be;
• editing is not included with critiques – structural editing, copy-editing and
--proofreading is provided as a separate service. See Editing.

Critiques are usually between one and two A4 pages, single-spaced for work of 15,000 words, and of course longer for bigger extracts. They will look at elements such as characterisation, plot development, style, credibility, structure and the writing itself. You choose if you want one, two, three or four reviews.

Accompanying each review will be a checklist, rating elements of your writing, usually on a scale of 1-5, where 1 = needs more work, and 5 = excellent. For examples, please see Sample Critique. We provide slightly different, tailored checklists for writing aimed at the children’s market, and for full novels.

Please remember every critique is subjective. This reflects real life, where one reader might hugely enjoy a book that someone else dislikes – this applies to agents and publishers too!

Self Publishing?

If you’re looking at self publishing your novel or collection of stories, we understand you want your writing to be as good as work that’s published the traditional way. We can help.

First, take advantage of our critique service. Our multiple critiques will help you identify and remedy areas of weakness and highlight your strengths, too. Once you’ve made your revisions, you can either request more critiques or move on to our copy editing and proofing service. If you return within six months of your last order, you get a discount.

When it comes to self publishing a printed book, most people will benefit from using a company which, in addition to production, provides three
all-important professional services: book cover design, distribution and marketing. In the UK, you’ll want to look at Matador, Indepenpress and Acorn. Some of these companies offer special services or discounts to Fiction Feedback customers; see our Resources page for info.

Congratulations to one of our long-established customers,
Margaret Tomkins. Her excellent short story collection Where the Truth Lies is now published and is available from:
Where the Truth Lies - Matador Fiction - Margaret Tomkins

Margaret has worked long and hard crafting these poignant, elegantly written stories and they are a delight to read. We recommend you do so!
Where the Truth Lies can also be bought as an ebook:
Where the Truth Lies: Amazon.co.uk: Margaret Tomkins: Books