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Please use our submission form to submit manuscripts for critique or editing. Access the form here or from How to Submit.

Once you’ve completed the form, click on submit. You’re then asked to attach your work to another email. Easy!


We then request payment, usually within 24 hours.
You can choose to pay us directly by bank transfer, or via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account. If you’d rather post a cheque, that’s fine. The submission form gives you this option.


5% discount on critiques
and 5% discount on editing
for all customers returning
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We aim to return critiques and edits of work under 15,000 words within 3 weeks.

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If you’d rather submit your work by post, please see postal submissions.

"I'd like to thank everyone at Fiction Feedback for their sound advice and enthusiastic encouragement. Their proofing and editing service put me on the right track, and undoubtedly contributed to my work being taken seriously further down the line. Thank you again."
MH, published author

How We Help


We offer independent feedback on creative writing. We believe we’re unique in offering multiple critiques of your work on a sliding scale; you're not limited to just one. Each critique comes from an individual editor, written independently.

We use our reviewing skills to:

• broadly analyse your writing
• highlight the strengths
• point up any major flaws
• suggest how to make improvements

Unlike your family and friends, we are objective.

Unlike a writers' circle, you never meet us, so you don't need to feel shy. Our critiques can't be influenced by friendships or politics.

Unlike writers' websites, we are focused on you and your writing, and as professional editors we are expert at offering help. Our critiques aren't provided to show off our own writing, or to gain credits, or to sell other services. They are provided to help you improve your writing.

Our critiques are professional, well-considered and in sufficient depth to be really useful.

Unlike any other manuscript appraisal service that we know of, we offer multiple critiques.

How it works
One, two or more of our editors reads an extract of your novel, narrative non-fiction or short story and each provides a written critique.

Having critiques from two or more reviewers is a good idea – more than one opinion is always valuable. Overlapping views are reassuring, while different editors almost always pick up different points too. The fee is on a gently sliding scale; you pay far less than twice the cost of one critique for two.

For novel extracts of up to 15,000 words, prices start at just £99; two reviews cost £149.

Critiques are usually between one and two A4 pages, single-spaced for work of 15,000 words, and of course longer for bigger extracts. They will look at elements such as characterisation, plot development, style, credibility, structure and writing style. You choose if you want one, two, three or four critiques.
Please remember every critique is subjective. This reflects real life, where one reader might hugely enjoy a book that someone else dislikes – this applies to agents and publishers too!

We offer a professional structural and copy-editing service. Please see Editing for full details.

Congratulations on publication
Congratulations to Fiction Feedback authors Austin Hernon,
D J Harrison and R M Dorn for whom we have helped to secure traditional publishing contracts after they’ve published their novels independently (historical, crime, and science fantasy respectively) for several years.
We’re very proud to have helped these authors as they started their writing careers by providing critiques and editing, contacts and advice.
Congratulations also to Jan Harvey who is achieving wonderful sales with her self-published novel The Seven Letters.
And to English language specialist David James on publishing his non-fiction book, Developing Writing Skills.